Cultural Assessments

A cultural assessment/audit will help you to assess whether workplace culture is supporting your overall business goals. It will help you to assess the effectiveness of your working environment, employee engagement and internal communications. We will meet with staff to customize assessment questions, act as a third-party administrator of the survey to ensure employee confidentiality, conduct staff interviews, and perform analysis of hiring, promotion, and termination trends. At the end of our work, we will deliver a written report with assessment results and suggested areas for improvement. We can share these findings during a staff-wide webinar, upon request.

People Practices Audit

This audit will assess the diversity of your current hiring process and identify any potential bottlenecks and discrepancies. This will help your organization attract and retain diverse talent. As part of this process, we will review and provide suggested changes for job descriptions, HR-related documents, meet with your HR/Hiring team to assess recruitment practices, and provide recommendations on how to modify hiring practices to achieve your organizational goals.

D&I Strategic Plans

This document is a plan to help achieve business and people-related goals. It provides a shared direction and commitment for the organization so all staff can work together to respect and value their diverse workforce and build a more inclusive workplace. We will host a strategic planning meeting with key stakeholders, utilize recommendations from the cultural assessment and additional information gathered from your Human Resources team to develop accountability and measurement metrics and ultimately deliver a comprehensive strategic plan.

Pay Equity Audits

California passed a law requiring employers to file equal pay reports annually, starting in March 2021. Colorado and other states have either passed or are considering a variety of pay transparency bills. Pay Equity Audits help your company comply with such laws. Through this process, we will compare the pay of employees doing “like for like” work and investigate the root causes of any pay gaps or differences that cannot be justified.

D&I Leadership Training

A six-session training program designed to empower leaders with the skills they need to build a more inclusive workplace, with up to 25 participants per session. Each session is approximately two hours long. A certificate of completion will be provided to those who attend all sessions. Additional sessions can be provided, upon request.

Custom Webinars

We design and develop custom webinars for up to 50 participants per session on any topic requested by your organization (e.g., unconscious bias, inclusive workplaces, etc.). Each session is approximately two hours long. Two session times will be provided to create flexibility for multiple time zones/global offices. Custom workbook materials will also be provided. Additional sessions can be provided, upon request.

eLearning Modules

Articulate Storyline is a powerful tool for building interactive e-learning modules and online courses. The interface offers significantly more functionality than other eLearning options, and can be used to produce simulations, quizzes, drag-and-drop interactions, screen recordings, and many other e-learning objects that users can interact with. The responsive player supports touchscreen gestures, so learners can swipe, drag, and pinch-to-zoom on tablets and mobile devices.

Companies concerned with compliance trainings, ensuring all new staff are onboarded with the same training materials, and interested in selling eLearning content may be particularly interested in this offering.

If your organization does not yet have the content necessary to develop an eLearning Module, we can jointly develop such materials with your team to create modules.

Fees and Additional Services

Some companies have a base price for services and add additional fees corresponding to the number of employees at your company. At The Sleeper Group, we are committed to ensuring you are delivered what you want – and need – at a reasonable price, so we offer fixed prices for our products. Non-profit discounts are also available, upon request.

Additional deliverables or services not included above are available upon request.

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