Enhance DEI Strategies with The Sleeper Group

The Sleeper Group (TSG) offers our clients access to our talented team of diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) professionals. We are your sought-after DEI experts. Our staff holds certifications from relevant institutions, such as the Certified Diversity Professional (CDP) and Intercultural Development Inventory Qualified Administrator(IDI QA). Because we are a recognized leader in this space, our staff have even worked with the Institute for Diversity Certification (IDC) to develop criteria for diversity certifications.

Our strategies will enable your organization to launch, build upon, and sustain DEI, leading to improved employee morale, lower turnover rates, and more efficient teams. Measurable objectives, a vital component of all initiatives, are built into our strategic planning processes and allow us to achieve your desired outcomes. We design, structure, and tailor each plan to your unique needs.

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