The Sleeper Group (TSG) is a woman-owned, Maryland-based small business that is focused on providing services through a diversity, equity, and inclusion lens to clients across the United States. The company’s current services are broken into four categories:

  • Diversity & Inclusion
  • Non-Profit Management
  • eLearning
  • Sustainability


Our Team

Dana Sleeper

Dana is Founder and CEO of The Sleeper Group. She has worked with non-profits, small businesses, government, and multi-national companies to assess and improve their DEI, training, and other practices. Her services include cultural audits, improving hiring practices, diversity trainings, supplier diversity tracking, eLearning curriculum development, and much more.

Dana is a Certified Diversity Professional (CDP)®. The Institute for Diversity Certification’s Certified Diversity Professional (CDP)® credential is the gold standard in the D&I profession.

Dana is an IDI Qualified Administrator (QA) licensed to administer the IDI to organizations, schools and individuals, and to interpret and provide feedback on group and individual profiles. This includes customized planning for the further development of intercultural competence.

Candice Crowley

Candice wears many hats, after spending over 14 years in progressive sales roles within the consumer-packaged goods industry, Candice ventured off into entrepreneurship where she has found herself working on projects that have involved financial management, software customization, and general project management. Candice holds an MBA in Marketing from Xavier University in Cincinnati, OH and teaches as a Marketing and Management adjunct at Miami University in Ohio. Candice is passionate about helping companies achieve their goals and encourages them to think outside the box.