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Organizational Development Strategy

Organizational development is an effort that focuses on improving an organization’s capacity through the alignment of strategy, structure, people, rewards, metrics, and management processes. Organizational development is a planned, systematic change in the values or operations of employees.

Curriculum Design

Curriculum design focuses on the creation of the overall course blueprint, mapping content to learning objectives, developing a course outline and building the course. Each learning objective is aligned with assessment strategies, exercises, content, subject matter analysis, and interactive activities.

eLearning Development

Utilizing technology to access educational curriculum outside of a traditional classroom, TSG provides a solution for companies large and small. We develop course blueprints to meet your objectives, map content (storyboarding), and build SCORM compliant courses in Articulate Storyline or Rise. TSG also builds handouts, workbooks, and other learning resources.

Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion

Diversity can be measured by statistics. Inclusion is a behavior. Workplace programs in DE&I lead to a highly desired outcome: belonging. Belonging is when you feel safe, valued and embraced for what makes you a unique individual; it allows you to contribute fully to your team. Our team can assess your current practices and identify areas where bias may be impacting recruitment, hiring, promotions, and terminations, among other offerings.