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Using data to support people and organizations.

Diversity & Inclusion

Diversity can be measured by statistics. Inclusion is a behavior. Workplace programs in D&I lead to a highly desired outcome: belonging. Belonging is when you feel safe, valued and embraced for what makes you a unique individual.

Curriculum Design & eLearning

Utilizing technology to access educational curriculum outside of a traditional classroom, eLearning provides a solution for companies large and small. We develop course blueprints to meet your objectives, map content (storyboarding), and build SCORM compliant courses.


Adopting sustainable practices not only helps the environment – corporations have proven that sustainability initiatives lead to an improved brand image, reduced costs, happier shareholders, increased productivity, and countless more benefits.

Non-Profit Management

Nonprofit management is both its similar to and different from traditional business management. Fundraising, Board management, effective leadership and financial management can improve a nonprofit organization’s ability to achieve its mission.