Mismatch: How Inclusion Shapes Design

Author: Kat Holmes

Topic(s): Inclusive Design, Technology & Business, Social Integration, Social Marginality


Inclusion is a rarely utilized resource for creativity and innovation. In Mismatch, Kat Holmes educates readers on how implementing inclusive practices can shape the future of design and celebrate human diversity. Beginning with the basic understanding that designing for inclusion starts with recognizing exclusion, Holmes references real-life mismatches, or barriers, that are byproducts of the world we have designed. She implores us to acknowledge that these mismatches are the root cause of many forms of exclusion.

Once we can identify the source of exclusion, and by extension, the exclusion society is perpetuating, we can implement creative, inclusive solutions. Holmes posits that we can create more inclusive products and experiences by looking at accessibility practices that currently exist, learning from excluded individuals, and problem-solving to positively reach and impact groups that require the same or similar solutions. Holmes provides numerous examples, including playground equipment, video game controllers, public restrooms, smartphones, and architectural building design. In reviewing these products, Holmes provides uplifting and thought-provoking introductions to innovators and creators working on solving the exclusions they have encountered and their methods for addressing each challenge. Each chapter contains helpful visuals, takeaways, and a “how to shift towards inclusion” section at the end, making Mismatch an accessible read and an excellent resource and tool.

You’ll Love This Book If:

If you work in a creative or technological field, you will love this book and seek clear and insightful inclusion and equity strategies to integrate into your practices. This book will help you become more inclusive of anyone who may engage with your product(s).