Our Team

To help you achieve your goals, we leverage the expertise of staff and a network of highly skilled professionals.

Dana Sleeper
Founder & CEO

Dana is the Founder and CEO of The Sleeper Group. She is a Certified Diversity Professional (CDP), Certified Diversity Executive (CDE) and Intercultural Development Inventory (IDI) Qualified Administrator. The Institute for Diversity Certification’s CDP® credential is the gold standard in the D&I profession. Dana works with non-profits, small businesses, and multi-national clients to conduct cultural assessments, improve hiring practices, provide diversity training, implement supplier diversity tracking, develop eLearning curriculum, and more. 

Dani Wolland
Director of Learning and Development

Dani is a Certified Diversity Practitioner and has a degree in Psychology from The University of Maine. Dani specializes in Leadership Development, Curriculum Writing, Public Speaking, Recruitment, and Crisis Management. Dani has extensive experience managing large consulting teams to achieve desired program outcomes.

Divya Ramoo
Director of Organizational Development

Divya is an organizational change specialist with a strong passion for helping organizations foster more inclusive cultures to enhance the workplace experience for all. She has a Master's Degree in Organizational Psychology from Columbia University and specializes in change management and talent development. By leveraging her professional experiences in leadership and organizational development consulting, she aims to provide clients with impactful experiences that add value to their own unique D&I efforts. 

Natalie Gonzales
HR Specialist

Natalie Gonzalez is a Human Resources generalist and an active duty member of the United States Coast Guard. A firm believer in the power of inclusive thinking in the workplace, Natalie regularly maximizes companies' D&I efforts through in-depth reviews of current policies and procedures, providing thoughtful suggestions, and creating new material to better their work environment.

Chadrian Johnson
Project Manager

Chadrian is a multi-faceted professional. After more than 11 years working in finance, she embarked on an entrepreneurial journey, providing project management support services to clients. Chadrian earned a Bachelor of Science in Finance with a Marketing Minor from Miami University in Oxford, Ohio. Her passion for creative problem solving and client engagement is what Chadrian believes causes professional relationships to thrive.

Tasha Johnson

Tasha Johnson is a dynamic educator and change-driven leader with a passion for championing diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) initiatives to fruition, with a special focus on higher education. Committed to the success of others, she prides herself on challenging the status quo and facilitating uncomfortable conversations to maximize goal achievement.