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eLearning Experiencing Rapid Growth

The global spread of Covid-19 forced both the education and corporate sectors to transition to online learning and remote work to continue with operations while the world figured out how to cope with the pandemic. According to Research and Markets forecasts prior to the pandemic, the online education sector was estimated to grow to $350 […]

August Celebrations and Culture

Traditionally August marks the end of summer. Families are squeezing in those last-minute vacations before the school year resumes and friends are capitalizing on the opportunity to spend evenings and weekends outside before the season changes.   While there are no federal holidays this month, there are still several causes for celebration. There are even rumors […]

What is the “Stop WOKE Act”?

As of July 1, 2022, several laws took effect including the ‘Stop WOKE Act.’ What exactly is “woke”? What does it mean and why did Florida Governor DeSantis feel compelled to sign a bill into law to try to stop it? The law builds on the governor’s decision to ban Critical Race Theory (CRT) and […]

White Fragility: why it’s so hard for white people to talk about racism

Author: Robin DiAngelo Topics: Racism, Race Relations, Whites Summary “White fragility?” some may ask, immediately guarded against the implications in the title of Robin DiAngelo’s book. With strength and patience drawn from her work as a consultant, trainer, and teacher of racial and social injustice, DiAngelo introduces us to the concept of white fragility or […]

The Economic Cost of Racism

It is estimated that the United States economy has lost $16 trillion in gross domestic product (GDP) since 2000. Yes, trillion, with a “T.” What accounts for such a massive economic loss? Racism. According to a recent study conducted by Citigroup, “The analysis in the report that follows shows that if four key racial gaps […]

July Celebrations and Culture

Summer is in full swing, people are enjoying fun in the sun, family vacations and BBQs with friends. July presents the prime opportunity to get outside and bask in nature. Few cultural celebrations occur during this month, but there are a couple of notable celebratory opportunities.   Independence Day  One of America’s best-known celebrations is the […]

How to be an Antiracist

Author: Ibram X. Kendi Topics: Anti-Racism, Psychological Aspects of Racism, Race Relations Summary Ibram X.Kendi opens How to be an Antiracist with this quote, “this book is ultimately about the basic struggle we’re all in, the struggle to be fully human and to see that others are fully human.” Told through an autobiographical narrative, historical […]

Expanding Leave Benefits: Menstrual Leave

The taboo topic of menstruation is slowly making its way into the workplace. Spain’s government has taken on the task of drafting a law that would provide unlimited paid ”menstrual leave” from work. This leave is a part of more broad legislation addressing reproductive rights including the extension of abortion rights, eliminating the requirement for […]

Racism in American Sports

There has recently been a slew of headlines highlighting racism, harassment, and retaliation in one of America’s favorite sports, football.   In November 2020, seven former University of Iowa players filed a lawsuit naming head coach Kirk Ferentz, Chris Doyle, and Brian Ferentz in claims alleging discrimination and harassment, failure to provide equal rights and […]